Katy Weaver Mentor Session - Jennifer Lynn St. Onge Photography

March 26th, 2018

Today was INCREDIBLE! I had a one-on-one mentor session with Katy Weaver, and she did not disappoint. We met up at her adorable home in Portland, and chatted about everything photo related from attracting the right clients, to what software to use. We also talked quite a bit about non-photo related topics like my love for dogs and her love for birdwatching. By the time we took off for this couples shoot, I felt like I had gained a friend.

If anyone is considering booking a mentor session (especially with Katy), I highly recommend it! It can be so hard working in (or trying to get into) an industry that bases your worth on your creativity as well as, lets be honest, your sales ability. It can feel really competitive at times, and like your competition is the enemy, but Katy made it so clear that that isn't the case at all, and that we can all support each other. I'm so thankful I had this opportunity, and can't wait to start implementing everything I have learned. 

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