Week 22 - Jennifer Lynn St. Onge Photography

August 27th, 2017

This week started out by watching the solar eclipse, from the balcony at work with my coworkers. Even though it was smoky in the valley it was still an amazing sight to see. I also got my third offer accepted and in Escrow! If I can keep up this pace I will be thrilled.  

Today I went to brunch with my lovely friend, and snapped these photos as we were chatting. Afterwards, we went to a crystal and gem show, where I spent more money than I intended, but purchased some lovely pieces I'm really excited about. I found a large slab of Labradorite, a teardrop Larimar pendant, a sphere of Rainbow Fluorite, and some beautiful slabs of fossilized ferns. When I was a child I use to collect rocks and crystals, and have realized more recently that I still have a fascination with them. I am obviously drawn to certain things because of their aesthetic appeal, but I love learning about their specific meanings and uses as well.

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