Week 49 - Jennifer Lynn St. Onge Photography

March 4th, 2018

This week has been pretty draining, physically and emotionally, and I feel like I can't get enough sleep to catch up. Probably because my mind never stops working, and even when I am sleeping, I'm having crazy weird and stressful dreams. I got to Sunday and realized I hadn't taken any photos, which has only happened once or twice this entire year (I've been so much better about bringing my camera with me places and actually using it).

I ended up drawn to my window of plants. I just watered them yesterday, but forgot to turn them. I usually try to rotate them once a week or so, because they end up facing the sunshine outside, and if I turn them it forces them to grow back the opposite direction, and they seem to grow faster and taller. While looking at them after I turned them, and noticing this one that was now stretched the farthest from the light, I thought about how much that relates to life. We move in one direction, only to be turned around unexpectedly and feel as if we have to start over again. But really, that's what forces us to grow, isn't it?

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